DGAF the album is officially on itunes

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Radikal Nation’s Newest Album causes a storm of DGAF’ness amongst listeners! show us that you downloaded the album and we’ll send you a free physical copy! Also on amazon and spotify and itunes!


DGAF the Album iTunes

DGAF the Album Physicals via Amazon

DGAF the Album Spotify

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Crack of Dawn

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Here’s a collaboration with my friend Juel Anthony. He’s a great lyricist and brings lots of substance to the table. Don’t take my word for it listen to that crazy first verse for proof!

Music Terms A-Z Letter E

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  • eco: the Italian word for “echo”; an effect in which a group of notes is repeated, usually more softly, and perhaps at a different octave, to create an echo effect

DGAF the Album Special

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Once or twice a month, Anyone who can show proof of purchase of DGAF the Album from iTunes or our bandcamp will receive a free physical copy. Email me at jrevelsiii@gmail.com with the subject “DGAF the Album”.



Music Terms A-Z letter D

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drop: jazz term referring to a note that slides to an indefinite pitch chromatically downwards

Eargasm of the Day – Scandal Comes to Light

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So the other day I was watching the show “Scandal” with my girlfriend and this came on during a tense scene between Olivia and Fitz. It gave me goosebumps so I had my gf shazam it and now here is that song for you and I to enjoy

Music terms A-Z letter C

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capriccio: A humorous, fanciful, or bizarre, composition, often characterized by an idiosyncratic departure from current stylistic norms.

Music terms A-Z letter B

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bridge: Transitional passage connecting two sections of a composition, also transition. Also the part of a stringed instrument that holds the strings in place and transmits their vibrations to the resonant body of the instrument.