Crack of Dawn

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Here’s a collaboration with my friend Juel Anthony. He’s a great lyricist and brings lots of substance to the table. Don’t take my word for it listen to that crazy first verse for proof!

DGAF the album is officially on itunes

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Radikal Nation’s Newest Album causes a storm of DGAF’ness amongst listeners! show us that you downloaded the album and we’ll send you a free physical copy! Also on amazon and spotify and itunes!


DGAF the Album iTunes

DGAF the Album Physicals via Amazon

DGAF the Album Spotify

DGAF the Album Bandcamp


Music Terms A-Z Letter G

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  • grace note: an extra note added as an embellishment and not essential to the harmony or melody.

IBM makes music for US open.

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I’ve always had a fascination with algorithmic music, so this video wets my appetite like a starving dog on thanksgiving day lol Here’s IBM using thier IBM cloud or whatever, to make real time music of matches using tennis data the video below explains in detail.


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 So I’ve been gone for a while not because I’ve been lazy. I’ve just been working and recording with my friends and working on several project it gets a little hectic. For your patience here are some pics.




DSC00275 DSC00277 DSC00278 DSC00279

Music Terms A-Z Letter E

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  • eco: the Italian word for “echo”; an effect in which a group of notes is repeated, usually more softly, and perhaps at a different octave, to create an echo effect

DGAF the Album Special

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Once or twice a month, Anyone who can show proof of purchase of DGAF the Album from iTunes or our bandcamp will receive a free physical copy. Email me at with the subject “DGAF the Album”.



Music Terms A-Z letter D

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drop: jazz term referring to a note that slides to an indefinite pitch chromatically downwards