Try a new game: Tap Studio 3

So I found this app on my iPod, called Tap Studio 3. It’s guitar hero-esque game where you create a tap pattern to a song and you play them trying to hit the tap pattern accurately. Below is a video  of me playing my song “What Angels Dance To” on insane difficulty. I can also share songs with others so if you have the app and want to play let me know!

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Update on Farewell

So the problem with my next single, Farewell’s itunes release is that the original art was too small and when stretched to correct size it pixelated. After talking to an artist and having technical problems with the alternative cover. Farewell will be release ASAP it is in processing right now. Although, it’s now a weak stock picture at least the original art is preserved in the lyric video which you can view below.Thanks for your patience Would you like to know more about my full artist dream? Click here


When I Saw You (Guest Post)

Today we have a guest post, be nice to her :p and I hope you enjoy!
Hi, my name is Deja Thomas, however I go by Aübèl Cuzèl. I’m an artist and a poet, I plan to be an animator someday soon. I mostly dedicate my time to drawing, but I do write and partake in photography here and there. Currently I’m working towards my goals and improving my artistic style as much as I can. This is my journey to accomplishing my goal as an artist.

I decided to write this poem to be something different from my normal writing style. I wrote it in a man’s perspective to his prospective love interest.

When I Saw You
by: Aübèl Cuzèl
I seen you from far away and your curvaceous body caught my eye.
Damn you look fly as you swing those hips like a pendulum.
Its hypnotic as it puts me in a trance.
I don’t believe in romance but you have ways that could change a man.
I want you to know how I admire your legs, so long and smooth.
I want to divide them one from two, baby don’t you know what I can do?
Girl I fancy what it’s like to be between your panties.
I’d like to peel your clothes off and slide into you.
I want to explore your insides and take you to the moon and back.
No, no, you deserve more than that.
I want to take you beyond the universe.
I want to get lost in you as we explore each other.
Time is an illusion because it already stopped when I saw you from the corner of my eye.