Spotify Creativity Playlist

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I created this playlist to work as a creativity playlist. I use it when I’m writing, drawing, or drafting chord progression for other songs. It contain a variety of every genre although it’s heavy in the genres of rock, pop and EDM. It also contains some classical, rnb and hip hop. I recommend putting this list on shuffle and see how you feel about it. Let me know what you think.


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Here’s  the track from Sketch Book 4 I mentioned in an earlier post. Be Prepared for updates about a future album in the upcoming weeks

What Angels Dance To Video

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Woke up at 5am this morning and constructed this video to a song from my first instrumental album. The song is called “What angel’s Dance To” and it an upbeat piano solo that makes think that if angel’s went to party at the club this is what they would jam to. Hope you enjoy!


Also dont forget to check out “Disappointment” My newest song. It’s a dark and creepy track use in oreder to prepare for my next upcoming music project. stay tuned for that

Ready for a SketchBook 4?

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Working on a new music project and with project there are always those rejects that the artist isn’t sure anyone want to hear and I usually put it in an album called “sketchbook”, but I decided to let you decide whether or not you want to hear this. Like this post if you want to hear! It will be available on April 16th on my music page (Also Looking for Possible Collaborations vocals/compositions)

Eargasm of the Day – I’m ready for this weekend!

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this song doesn’t even need explanation…have a great weekend!!!!

Throwback Thursday – I’m Alive

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Here’s a song I uploaded to soundcloud two years ago.  With Lyrics and hook sadly the other person I wanted on the 3rd verse didnt send me thier verse so the song just fell into obscurity.

Game Theory Sound

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here’s an intriguing video meshing acoustics and video games