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Check out the latest edition of James Unedited here! Where I do short one take videos in a blog formant

Introducing “A,000,000 Miles”

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“A,000,000 Miles” (Pronounced: A Million Miles) is an album depicting how I envision the future as I pursue my dreams of travelling the world. I intend the album to be the soundtrack to my trips. A majority of the songs will be 5+ minutes long, making it ideal for long car rides, even including an over ten minutes long finale. With a unique balance of lyrics, including original poetry, and creative instrumentation. “A,000,000 Miles” is a musical expedition exploring the four corners of the ear.

There will be 2 singles the first of which is named…”Farewell”. Concept for Farewell will be revealed November 1st. “Farewell” released on Bandcamp.com on November  30th, followed by iTunes and Spotify as they become available on their respective sites. Thanks for taking time to read. Have a great day!

"Farewell" single art courtesy of Stephen Houston
“Farewell” single art courtesy of Stephen Houston

James Unedited – An Awesome Day

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A video of me explaining my awesome day of promotion I had yesterday  mentioned in this post http://audiosexxx.com/2014/10/21/today-was-awesome/

Will Resume Autumn Eargasms with Thirsty Thursday

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Due to scheduling,  I will Resume Autumn Eargasms with “Thirsty”,a song made by my friend Brian “Nature” Hughes, In the mean time enjoy the 7 past eargasms of autumn or check out the “eargasm of the day” category in the drop down menu i the right bar.

Today was Awesome!

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Today was awesome day. Gave 9 Copies of Karo Tosen Out today. Gave to manager of chase branch,gave one to my boss then another one of my bosses got jealous and asked for CD, gave one to coworker, then 4 to my homie Khalilah Evans to pass out (thanks) and one to dude on bus

Autumn Eargasm 7 – Big Chuck – Praise the Lord

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Back in the Day, My friends  in high school would love to rap and wanted to record but never knew how, so I came in filled the the audio engineer need and thus James Revels Composer was born. I met a lot of people and Charles “Big Chuck” Jackson was one of them. As years have past, he is currently taking classes at ICB (international college of broadcasting) to learn how to audio engineer and in his spare time has been engineering his life for the better. Here’s his latest song and from the first to the last I guarantee you will hear the passion in his voice. Please listen, share and support my long time friend!


James Unedited – Custom Tees and Aziz Ansari

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Talking about the $25 Audio SeXXX T-shirts (email me at jrevelsiii@gmail.com if interested) and my love for comedian Aziz Ansari

Autumn Eargasm 6 – Ellen Mackintosh – Shades of Grey

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Here’s an eargasm suggested by eternalglobetrotter, Ellen Mackintosh is a country singer from Australia. With her strong voice and well put together lyrics aided by an amazingly crisp video, I’m sure you’ll love this eargasm as much as I do.

Download it free from her bandcamp