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Hello, I’m James Revels III and welcome to Audio SeXXX, the home of the eargasm. I post eargasmic music, music reviews, and other original creative content such as poetry and YouTube videos. Below I have some links to help get you started exploring the site.

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VIDEO: The Purpose of Music and Art

VIDEO: Word Origins – Evanescent

VIDEO: Music Tutorial – Intervals

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It’s my Birthday

Happy birthday to me!!! Today’s my birthday yay! I’ll be 22. The day before I uploaded 5 videos describing my goals for 22, the future of music industry and more.

The video on the future of the music industry


My dream is to eventually get my music into a video game and here’s an instrumental I made as preparation for that dream. It’s a happy theme supposed to capture the joy of someone finally being able to fulfill wanderlust. Let me know what you think and if you know anyway to help with my dream of being a video game composer let me know

I even made a version for synthesia which is a program created to visual represent music in order to practice piano or just enjoy the visual.

James Revels Video Game Composer

My dream has always been to composer music for as much media as possible. My favorite being video games. I love game design. I always play board games, card games and video games with friends throughout high school and to this day. 2 years ago I started a project to create a game using RPG Maker but due to circumstances I had to cancel that project but I never cancelled making music! Here’s some of those old instrumentals from that RPG project. Also stay tuned because at Noon today I’m releasing a new instrumental titled “Wanderlust”

If you have any advice or help on how I can achieve this goal let me know.

Ofuda Curse. This was the battle theme for Ofuda Cave.

Scorpio’s Rattle. This was supposed to be the overworld theme named so by because…well I’ll let you listen to find out.

Guardian Angel. This was the character Gabe’s Theme. He used the element of light and saved the main character when her village was attacked.


Here’s a preview to my next instrumental “Wanderlust”. I put it in a program called Synthesia making it easier for someone to learn how to play on piano or just see the note in a cool visual way. A link to the real version of the song is in the description of the video or you can wait until tomorrow when I post the official post. My goal is to eventual get my music into video games so this song is practice for that.


One of my goals is to get my music into a video game so I’ve created “Stratagem” practice for that. It’s a battle theme with brass, electric guitar and light synths. Check it out and tell me what you think

For the more visual type here’s a piano solo version of Stratagem on a program called Synthesia which is made to help people learn pieces on piano.

Check out last vlog about purpose of music and art


Here’s a preview to a song I made called “stratagem.” below is a video of my song played through a program called synthesia. It’s a program that’s like the guitar hero for piano in order for people to learn to play piano. Check it out and tell me what you think THE ORIGINAL PIECE IS HERE 

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