Yesterday’s Tomorrow Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser  trailer for my upcoming poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. Full trailer will be released February 1st and the book is set to drop March 30th. Don’t forget to share the video. Please and thanks :)

In the mean time you can click here to download my single “Farewell” on iTunes or click here to watch the songs lyric video It’s a song about saying Farewell to my friends and family as I leave to start my journey of “A million miles”. Deep deep lyrics. You should check it out.

Weekly Update (1/27/2015) – Last Chance to Download My Music

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Sorry for being a day late with the weekly update but I was busy doing this…

it’s the last chance to download my music on my bandcamp I’m cleaning up my bandcamp on February 15th so go download now before it’s gone. You can name your own price so zero aka free is a choice.

Also Check out my new Youtube Series “Word Origins” Where I explore the origins of various words


I’m happy to present a new series I’m working on titled “Word Origins”.   It’s where I give a brief overview of the etymology or various words I encounter. Today’s word is “Music” but from here on out I’m going to go in alphabetical order, So I’m looking for words that start with ABC. Know any weird words? leave them in the comments! I hope you enjoy the presentation. Don’t forget to Subscribe, share and thumbs up. Thank you and have a great day!

Also don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer for my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” releasing March 30th. (Full Trailer releasing February 1st)


“Word Origins” Coming Soon!

Right now I’m working on a series of short videos called “Word Origins.” In the videos I briefly define a word and explore it’s etymology. I plan on posting the first episode today. So be on the look out.

Be on the look out for Word Origins Video

Be on the look out for Word Origins Video

EDIT: The First Episode is Out Guys! Word Origins – Music. Hope you enjoy!

Yesterday's Tomorrow front Cover (Click for link to my official website)

ATTENTION: Last Chance to Download Music

On February 15th, I’m clearing my bandcamp page of ALL music except Farewell and Yesterday’s Tomorrow Original Soundtrack. It’s not that I think the music is horrible, but I feel like the music from the past doesn’t reflect the focus and unity of vision I have now. Not to mention with 11 projects from 3 years of work featured on the homepage it’s starting to look cluttered and if it annoys me to look at I know it probably annoys you too. So, download your favorites now before I take them down on the day after valentine’s day. 90% of the music is “Name Your Price” with no minimum meaning zero (aka free) is a valid option or you can donate a spare change, either is greatly appreciated :).  Here’s a medley of a couple classics that have gotten well stats over the years.

Crown Chakra, the most popular song from the most popular album (1000+ plays all time)

Emerald Sunshine, The one that started it all! It’s the first song from the first instrumental album I ever released

Dragon’s Fiery War Cadence, One of favs from my  4 sketchbook. A must Download!

My current bandcamp click picture to download your favs before before Feb 15th

My current bandcamp click picture to download your favs before before Feb 15th


Morning Motivation Mix

You should check out my “morning motivation mix” playlist on YouTube. It’s a culmination of my favorite motivation videos  so far and I plan on adding more to it often. Tell me what you think?

If you haven’t yet check out the teaser trailer for my upcoming poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”